Rolls Royce Luxury

Rolls Royce: The Lap of Luxury

There are only two things you think about when Rolls Royce is mentioned, luxury and money, lots of it. From the first car in 1904, to modern times, to modern editions of Phantom and Ghost Rolls Royce’s, this car literally took your breath away. It would be far-fetched to say that this car doesn’t have quality, and that people who buy Royce’s are nothing but attention-seeking gold diggers.

Rolls Royce, as a company, hasn’t changed their ways much from the moment they were established. Their cars are manufactured, emphasis on the word manufactured. Every single part of the car is first carefully designed, than made manually. No machines take work on a Royce, even the engine is built, bit by bit, by hand. Only high quality materials are used for this kind of car. The interior is wooden, and always made from a single tree that runs throughout the inside of the car. When driving a Rolls Royce, you will be sitting on a seat covered with soft leather.

The mechanical parts are the real luxury of this car. They are all made from titanium alloys. Titanium is probably one of the best metals to make anything, not just car parts. All parts are fire resistant, and after waiting a year or so for your car to be manufactured, there is no doubt you will enjoy it. The 6.75 litter V12 engine is an astonishing feature to the car, and it is so much fun. Half of a million dollars to look good and to have fun. You can have this kind of fun with other cars, but Rolls Royce is something special.

This car was built to last, and the fact that the first ever built Rolls Royce (Royce 10) is still on the road says enough about the endurance and the quality. And this company has always made sure that it uses the full potential of their engines. Rolls Royce, from the very beginning moved driving standards towards what they are now. They have always been those brave pioneers that lead the changes, and others just followed. In 1974, they introduced their cars with wider tires, to increase the stability of the car, as well as the steering. In 1980 they were the first to switch brake fluid with mineral oil for brakes and suspension. Besides, Rolls Royce are the first company to fit their vehicles with air conditioning. I could go on and on, because Rolls Royce is probably the most renowned car name in the world.

At one instance Rolls Royce engines held all the speed records (land, air, water). The company is always making great progress, and is now working along with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) to improve the experience of the drivers on the road, as well as the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

The people at Rolls Royce made sure that their publicity is forever positive by building quality cars and making sure that they have full support of their government. The driving standards contact with the DSA is mutual. Cooperation has been a success so far, and we shall see if it will remain.

Guest post submitted by Sarah C

[Photo by Nick Fewings]


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